Upfront Capital for Alternative Lenders

Against loan book receivables

The first debt platform designed specifically for African Alternative Lenders. This includes non-banking, asset backed finance providers operating in microfinance, asset financing, asset leasing and a range of pay-as-you-go services.

Scaling is hard

Raising capital to grow your lending operations is complex and unpredictable.

We are bringing scale, discipline, and analytics to frontier debt investing. Our platform reduces the time, resources and frictional costs you would incur in getting the capital you need. We simplify the process of financing your operations.

Lendable exists to help you grow your loan book.

The Lendable Sign up Journey

Sign up in 4 easy steps

Get an estimate and Sign up

Get a quick quote from our team and sign a Letter of Intent

Choose a Pricing Option

Share portfolio info so we can get you real price options

Due Diligence

Our credit team gets to know your business and helps you build your offering memorandum

Get Funded

Get connected with investors and receive cash to grow your business!

Our Investors

Access to investors mainly from the United States and Europe

Without the need for expensive road shows. We aggregate all this commercial capital onto one platform using standard information and processes. We only work with experienced offshore investors who understand how to price and invest in asset backed securities.

The Lendable Platform

Our technology-enabled deal service platform helps alternative lenders access structured finance to grow their operations. Our platform reduces the time, resources and frictional costs incurred in closing a deal.

Upfront Principal

More capital - without skewing debt-equity ratios

Significantly higher amount of principal upfront in the form of off balance sheet debt financing.


Deal pricing is explained. There are no hidden costs

Transparency across a range of deal variables: interest rate, principal advanced, and protection against FX movements.

Analytics Support

Free data science tools through Lendable Labs

Leverage the Lendable Risk Engine through our business intelligence and Customer Quality Score tools.

Data Protections & Privacy

We work to protect and keep your data confidential

Through industry leading security and data privacy efforts across the platform.