Helping Our Customers Better Understand Credit

We’re launching Lendable Labs to help originators get better at what they do.

Daniel Goldfarb, CEO

Data analytics and machine learning have always been at the very core of what Lendable does—from developing our proprietary Risk Engine to building software to support our standard receivable financing structure. Up until this point, however, Lendable has focused on building tools to help investors and originators transact. While our Risk Engine is capable of much more, we hadn’t built the interfaces for users to leverage it. Now, to provide more value to our originator customers, we’re launching Lendable Labs.

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The era of data

We are more saturated with information than ever before. Lendable knows what to do with it.

Joe Brew, data scientist

If “the essence of finance is time travel” (Matt Levine, Fed Day, Junk Bonds and Unicorns) then the essence of investing is using information available today to form reasonable expectations about the future. In the developing world that is hard, always has been, and always will be. Thanks to cheap mobile phones, productized CRMs and data services companies, we have never had more info to work with. We are entering an era of data abundance, and the availability of novel sources of information and massive computing power will radically transform investing… for those who know how to use that information.

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