Commercializing impact lending in Africa

High yield, liquid, short term

We are using technology and sophisticated financial infrastructure to offer investors debt opportunities backed by consumer and SME loans. We do this at scale and with solid returns.

Deal Benefits

We are reinventing how credit is done in Africa-ongoing liquidity secured by high yield assets

Uncorrelated Yield

An asset class uncorrelated with the FTSE, S&P and US and UK high yield credit.

Short Term, High Liquidity

Average duration of 12 - 15 months. Monthly repayments of principal and interest.

High Capital Impact

Our investments bring capital where it does not exist such as to low-income, off-grid households.

Capital Protection

All deals are over-collateralized with high-quality collateral such as equipment leases.

How It Works

With Lendable there are two ways to invest. Each with its own unique set of benefits.

The Lendable Risk Management System

We combine cutting edge risk algorithms with on the ground rigor to assess and manage risk

The Lendable Risk Engine

Our risk engine models individual monthly repayment data which enables us to understand differences in the probability of repayment/defaults, the impact of aggregate portfolio shocks, and the evolution of customer behaviour over time. Bottom line? Forecasts with more robust prediction bands.

On the ground Due Diligence

Our Nairobi based credit and data teams take the Alternative Lender through a rigorous 7 part verification process. This consists of financial and operational analysis, payment routing strategy, and KYC.

Real time deal monitoring

Our portal provides up-to-date performance on your investments - independent of the financial reports of our Alternative Lenders. You can track your performance in real time.

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Our Alternative Lenders

Non-banking, asset backed finance providers

Operating in microfinance, and a range of pay-as-you-go (Paygo) services, serve underbanked consumers with affordable asset-backed financing. There are a range of productive assets being financed including motorbikes, welding equipment, water tanks and smart phones. This enables ownership of productive assets and access to credit. The Paygo sector is building up steam in Africa. By 2020, East Africa's alternative lender market is expected to reach $15 billion. Your investment can have an impact orientation to it, from socio-economic benefits including asset ownership and accessible credit to affordable off grid energy. These power small businesses and improve the quality of life for low-income citizens in Africa.