Frontier and Emerging market private credit investments

We offer investment opportunities backed by senior-secured and bankruptcy remote, asset-backed finance facilities to leading consumer and SME credit providers.

Our Asset Class


Across emerging and frontier markets, financial technology has created a huge digital credit opportunity. A new generation of non-bank lenders have capitalized on this, offering asset, consumer and SME finance to previously un- and underbanked populations. This ecosystem has created a $100 billion financing opportunity across frontier and emerging markets.

We finance this group of early to mid-stage, high-growth, digitally-enabled non-bank lenders, building long term partnerships that enable our clients to grow their loan portfolios exponentially while extending credit where it's needed most.

Deal Benefits

We originate and structure senior-secured transactions that maximize security and return for our investors.

Uncorrelated Yield

An asset class with low correlation to general equity and bond markets for international investors.

Over-Collateralized Facilities

Our investments have maximum average Loan-To-Value ratios of 70%.

Proactive Currency Risk Mitigation

We take FX risk into account when setting the LTV ratios, and require hedges depending on the jurisdiction.

Live Portfolio Monitoring

We integrate with lender CRMs to allow us to directly monitor the underlying collateral.

Investment Opportunities

Lendable offers multiple ways to invest, each with their own unique set of benefits.

Data Science Enabled Wholesale Lending

We combine fundamental and macro credit with proprietary data and software.

Proprietary Data and Software

Our risk engine models individual monthly repayment data which enables us to understand differences in the probability of repayment/defaults, the impact of aggregate portfolio shocks, and the evolution of customer behaviour over time. Bottom line? Forecasts with more robust prediction bands.

Fundamental Credit

Our Nairobi based credit and data teams take the Alternative Lender through a rigorous 7 part verification process. This consists of financial and operational analysis, payment routing strategy, and KYC.

Live Deal Monitoring

Integration with non-bank lender CRMs allows us to track the performance of our clients' portfolios in real time, giving us unique monitoring ability of collateral and corresponding covenants.